Vyvanse, atarax, Desloratadin.

class=" fc-falcon">I have a bump/swelling on my foot.

From a medical perspective, foot swelling is typically indicative of a heart problem. So I’ve got two different injuries on the same foot.



. One is a lump on the arch of my foot which swells if I walk/ run/ do anything to irritate it, it often aches. .

Around two months ago the sole and arch of my foot started to itch a lot, to the point it was waking me up.

class=" fc-falcon">I have a bump/swelling on my foot. A 4/10 give or take. The first month I was kind of numb aswell, but now it just kind of hurts a bit, and when I've been active it hurts a lot.

. Swelling in one foot? I am 34+2 weeks and noticed on Saturday my left foot had significantly more swelling than my right.

An allergic reaction.

It feels like it’s asleep but on the inside.

Aug 14, 2020 · Foot edema may be painless or accompanied by other symptoms, including bruising, itchiness, pain, numbness, redness, stiffness and tenderness. The swelling sores from the arch to my toes over two days and then tapered off.

dropping something heavy on the toe. My doc said if there is any pain, redness, streaking, if it is warm to the touch, if there is no swelling at all on one side but lots of swelling on the other, andor if swelling doesn't go down with elevation, rest, and water, go to the ER immediately for possible DVT.

I only started to get varicose veins on that leg as well.
Female 22.
I would get home from work and the tops of my feet were like fat blobs.

I don't know if they will help will swelling, but it's harmless to try.


. The stretching regime made arteries less stiff, which helped them dilate. • There is pain, even at rest, in the calf or behind the knee.

It doesn't really show that you're as aware of your health as you think you are. class=" fc-falcon">Ankle and arch swelling. I got it during a music festival when I had to stand up for many days straight. Today, the swelling is noticable. Female 22. So for almost a year I've had this bump or swelling on my foot.


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So I'd like some insight.

Mar 5, 2022 · class=" fc-falcon">Leg swelling isn't always a sign of a heart or circulation problem.

The toes on one foot only are a kind of dark red.