Whereas the deadlift keeps the knees and ankles secured with minimal movement.

The Balanced Body Pilates Mat certification includes the complete Pilates Mat repertoire as well as an introduction to the movement principles that make Pilates such a successful exercise program.

Introduction to Pilates & Beginning/Intermediate Exercises. .



In addition to training modules, our apprenticeship program and mentorship opportunities are designed to support you throughout your journey, at your own pace. Total hours for completion of full program: 520 hours (not including anatomy) Upon completion of all of the requirements, a certificate of completion as a Balanced Body Pilates. .


Book nowTDG Road and Rail (English) Feature Image. . This Mat certification will empower you to become a.

Balanced Body Education Develop your mind, your body and your career. Since 2014, Pure Pilates has been the region's Balanced Body authorized training center.

She was attentive and gave me the confidence and enthusiasm to move forward with my personal Pilates practice and future career.


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(Note: trainee required to have equipment needed for the course if attending online via Zoom.

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The Belhaven University Dance Department uniquely offers a Specialization in Pilates, which can be obtained as an aspect of a Dance degree at Belhaven University as. Balanced Body Mat I includes an introduction to the history and principles of Pilates, a review of core anatomy, beginning and most intermediate level exercises with modifications, lectures on class order and programming in a. .

This is 9 Balanced Body Modules plus Anatomy. . Sale. Time to complete this education training is 3 months. Jul 26, 2022 · Although both the squat and deadlift focus on the hip’s ability to create a hinge-like action, the squat does so with dynamic participation of the knees and ankles. Prerequisite: Movement Principles, Mat 1 and Reformer 1 or equivalent, 20 Pilates studio sessions.

The Balanced Body Pilates teacher training curriculum emphasizes the principles underlying each exercise.

Building a common bridge between the Pilates, research, and the fitness communities. Balanced Body Movement Principles is the foundation of the Balanced Body Teacher Training Program and is the prerequisite for the Pilates Mat, Reformer, or Comprehensive program.

Our ALIGN East studio location is one of the only dedicated Pilates teacher training studios in the country.

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This course is a prerequisite for ALL Instructor Training Modules.