How To Use Orient” In A Sentence.

Definition of Orient.

1. Orient yourself to our picture.


- How to use "orient" in a sentence.

TRANSLATOR. 96 examples: First, let us briefly consider the effects of symbolic orientations and. See how to use orient in a sentence.


How to use the Orient in a sentence. - "orient" in a sentence. .

From orient morn to dewy-stealing night. 0.

Maybe you could Orient me.

Orient definition at Dictionary.

How To Use Orient” In A Sentence. CK 1771345 I think that I'm not academically oriented.

. orient.


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2. The child seemed dizzy and disoriented, and wasn't able to stand up. . | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. .


Orient definition at Dictionary. .


In this section, we will discuss how to properly use these words in a sentence.